Hair Care

The most important thing is co-washing your hair with a sulfate-free moisturizing conditioner. Co-washing prevents moisture loss, which can lead to tangling and matting, it also brings out the beautiful waves. Proceed to deep conditioning for at least 10 minutes and dry hair on a hanger. 

Please do not use grease on your bundles, a small amount of a light serum is enough. We like Ogx, Tresemme, Shea Moisture, and Carols Daughter products.   

Use a wide tooth comb and comb from the bottom up, tips to the roots, to prevent ripping hair out from the weft. 

Try to limit the amount of heat you use on your hair by air drying instead of blow drying. 

To extend the life or your extensions, we suggest you seal the weft.

We do not recommend using any bleaching agents on the hair as these chemicals can cause damage to your hair, damage the cuticles and natural state of your extensions. We strongly recommend you seek salon assistance when dying your hair extensions. We cannot guarantee or be held responsible, for failed dye attempts that result in damage or wrong color creations.

Tie your hair up in a silk scarf or use a silk bonnet at bedtime.